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The Kāneʻohe Congregational Church located on Waikapoki Road in Kāne’ohe is the oldest Protestant church on the windward side of Oʻahu established by missionary, Rev. Benjamin Wyman Parker, a member of the 6th company of missionaries that arrived in Hawai‘i in 1833 from New England.

 After the division of lands known as the Great Mahele in 1848, the church was granted seven acres of land in 1849 by King Kamehemeha III. The first building was a hale pili or grass hut followed by other wooden structures located at the fork in the roads of Waikalua and Waikapoki in Kāne’ohe. The last wooden structure was replaced by the current building, which was completed in 1956 and moved to the back of the property where it sits today on a little less than an acre of land. The majority of the lands were transferred to cemetery use in the early 1950s.

 Rev. Parker’s first congregation in 1834 was called Kāneʻohe station, in 1849 after the land grant, the church name became Kāneʻohe Protestant Church. Throughout the years, the church used names such as Lanakila Church, Hawaiian Church, and its present name Kāneʻohe Congregational Church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. There are descendants of members who were active in the early 1930s whose families continue to attend the church today.

 The same message of Christianity that Rev. Parker brought is the same message that is being preached each Sunday at this church in Kāneʻohe. Throughout the years we have been blessed to have many esteemed faithful men of faith preach from our pulpit. 


A special mahalo to....

Rev. Henry Hodges Parker, son of Rev. Benjamin Parker, who served at Kawaiahaʻo Church for over 54 years

Rev. John Erdman

Rev. Henry Judd

Rev. Edward Kahale, who served at Kawaiahaʻo church for over 50 years

Rev. David Kaʻapu, who served at Haʻili Church in Hilo

Rev. John Kalili

Rev. David Kaʻupu 

             During World War II the church was a staging area for the military and was known for its benevolence to the community. Today, this congregation’s outreach is its community service to Parker Elementary school, a woman’s shelter, community cleanup at Kalaupapa, visitation of the sick and elderly, and the provision of food donations to people in need. As part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance it continues to fund and support missions throughout the world.  


The church’s longevity is due to the faithfulness of Ke Akua, the power of the gospel of salvation, and the steadfast faith of its membership. 

            All are welcome to join us!

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